Purchasing Books with Financial Aid

If you have been awarded for a semester and you are enrolled in courses for that same term, you may be able to charge the cost of your books against your financial aid. Please log in to the MyCF student portal and select the Financial Aid tab to determine if you meet the guidelines for charging books. Book charge dates for each term are also available on MyCF

The following guidelines apply to charging your books:

  • You must be registered for classes in the term for which you have been awarded

  • You must have enough financial aid awarded to cover your outstanding financial obligations to the college (tuition, etc.) and have enough remaining to cover the cost of your books.

Students must submit a one-time authorization to have CF deduct payments from Financial Aid for all non-tuition and fee charges. This includes books and supplies charged at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore at CF. Financial Aid recipients will be prompted on MyCF to authorize their book charges. Students are not required to submit the authorization. However, if they do not submit one, they will not be eligible to charge towards their Financial Aid at the Bookstore. The authorization will remain in effect for the duration of the students’ enrollment at CF. Once a student has authorized charging, if a student wishes to unselect financial aid charging, they must do so in person at the Financial Aid Office in building 5-106.

Students will be limited to only charging textbooks and required materials against their financial aid. There are limitations to what is allowed to be charged. Allowable items include textbooks, rental of textbooks, supplies, and required digital materials. Students will not be permitted to charge non-essential items including, but not limited to, clothing, food, drinks, and convenience items.

When charging books, you are responsible for payment of the books. If, for any reason, you do not receive financial aid, any unpaid bookstore charge owed to the college is subject to being turned over to outside collection agencies and the credit bureau. Additional collection costs owed to the collection agencies are your responsibility.

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