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Academic-related Student Organizations

  • Brain Bowl
    Brain Bowl provides students the opportunity to participate in intense and exciting academic quiz competitions. Campus teams compete against other schools answering questions on numerous topics, "Jeopardy" style.
  • CF Bands
    CF Bands perform a wide variety of music styles and types, including jazz, rock, folk and classical. The Patriot Blues jazz band performs stylistic forms from Dixieland roots to Swing to modern jazz/rock hybrids. The Patriot Combo provides serious jazz students the opportunity to perform on and off campus in a small, more free-form ensemble, and to provide the core pit band for musical theatre productions in conjunction with the Vocal Music and Theatre departments.
  • CF Forensics (Speech & Debate)
    Overcome your fear of public speaking and enhance your ability to be successful in communications, pre-Law, teaching, sales/marketing, business management, acting/drama, personal enrichment.
  • Community of Scholars Program
    The Community of Scholars offers diverse opportunities for students to expand their knowledge beyond the classroom. Throughout the academic year, field trips are scheduled to provide educational exposure to social and cultural activities and events. This organization is chartered at the Ocala Campus. 
  • "Imprints," Literary & Arts Magazine
    “Imprints” is CF’s award-winning student literary magazine. The magazine is published every spring with the best of student art, photography and creative writing.
  • Musical Theatre Ensemble
    The Patriot Singers Concert Choir and the CF Musical Theatre Ensemble are vocalmusic ensembles that perform all forms of vocal music, including classical, Broadway, jazz and popular. The groups perform on-campus concerts and shows each year and occasionally sing at off-campus functions. The Concert Choir is open to all students regardless of major or performance background. The Musical Theatre Ensemble requires an audition each semester. Scholarship assistance may be available to students in vocal music activities.
  • The Patriot Press
    The Patriot Press is an award-winning student publication of the College of Central Florida. Our print newspaper is monthly, while our website is continuously updated. 
  • Phi Theta Kappa
    Phi Theta Kappa is the largest honor society in American higher education with more than 1.5 million members. Phi Theta Kappa recognizes and encourages scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa provides opportunities for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate, for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.
  • Theatre/Drama
    The theatre program at CF provides students with opportunities to develop and enhance abilities and potentials within the realm of performance. More than 125 students each year perform on the CF stage in major performances, ranging from Shakespeare to Neil Simon, and in dozens of one-acts, student-directed plays and duet scenes. Plays are open-audition and supported by course work in technical theatre and performance. Scholarships are available for dedicated and talented students.

Student Leadership Organizations

  • CF Ambassadors
    CF Ambassadors strive to create a positive image of the college through student outreach and service. Ambassadors are official representatives of the college. They have the opportunity to work campus and community events, promoting various programs and services. They obtain business experience and essential life skills in communication, leadership, public relations and more!
  • Student Activities Board
    The Student Activities Board, the central governing student organization on campus, initiates and coordinates activities to enhance students’ connection to CF and campus life, as well as encouraging participation in and supporting campus clubs and organizations. Participating in the SAB and its activities gives students a chance to pursue their interests while developing new friendships and skills for the future.

Student Interest Clubs

Academic & Personal Enhancement

  • BAS Network
    The BAS Network seeks to enhance Bachelor of Applied Science students’ experience at CF by facilitating networking among BAS students, the greater CF student body, staff and faculty as well as networking BAS students with the local business community.
  • CF Psychology Club
    The Psychology Club provides opportunities for students to enhance understanding and appreciation of psychology through social and educational activities. It is not necessary to be a psychology major. All students are welcome!
  • CF Veterans Association
    The club provides opportunity for CF students to support veterans and their families while they strive for success academically and reintegrate into our community.
  • Club of Educational Opportunity
    The purpose of the CEO is to produce degree-holding, proactive, communal leaders of society. This goal will be attained through commitment, passion, and most importantly, the art of following through.
  • Club Pre-Med
    Club Pre-Med's mission is to enhance the Pre-Med experience for CF students applying to medical school or other professional programs by directed activities including volunteerism, advising and mentoring/tutoring.
  • Criminal Justice
    The CF Criminal Justice Club informs students about and help them to have a better understanding of the many facets of the criminal justice program. CF students have opportunities and activities on and off campus relating to the criminal justice field and contribute to the well-being and safety of their college and community. Regular meetings and events are scheduled throughout each semester.
  • Digital Media Network
    The Digital Media Network seeks to gather and organize students interested in digital forms of expression. Members discuss current topics relevant to the fields of video games, animation, graphic design, web design and filmmaking. The club's goal is to supplement what students already know with skill sharing, guest lectures, group projects and field trips.
  • Florida Future Educator of America
    FFEA provides an opportunity to broaden one's knowledge of educational issues and trends, offering knowledge and experiences that develop qualities and aptitudes basic to teaching.
  • Model UN
    The CF Model United Nations encompasses cultural understanding and global knowledge for students and people throughout our community. CF Model United Nations hosts an MUN conference for local high school students and aids the in-class MUN simulations on campus. The ultimate goal for the club is to foster global leadership and diplomatic skills for all students who participate.
  • Psychological Rehabilitation Education Program
    PREP helps students with psychological challenges achieve their academic or vocational goals. PREP assists with college retention and focuses on setting goals, motivational techniques, and leadership skills. Participants receive assistance with enrollment, registration and career counseling.
  • Student Nurses Association
    SNA helps members who are ADN and pre-nursing students address the many facets of the nursing profession. The club offers programs representative of current professional interest and concern, as well as ways to help improve health care and resolve related social issues for the community.
  • Take Stock in Children
    The club is a place where TSIC Alumni can gather to create community, networking, and friendships. Each meeting, members discuss a different topic affecting students. They share knowledge about college life to each new batch of incoming freshman. Take Stock in Children is a scholarship that students received in middle school and help throughout high school by meeting with a mentor, keeping good grades, and various other requirements.

Diversity & Culture Clubs

  • African-American Student Union
    AASU explores, reinforces and celebrates the African-American heritage, culture and noteworthy contributions. Through open communication and exciting activities, AASU works as a support group by providing mentors and role models, a central network of information for the community, and a link to other college campuses seeking a positive cultural awareness exchange.
  • Gay Straight Alliance
    The GSA is dedicated to providing a safe space for LGBTQ+ people and their allies. In terms of politics, culture, and our daily lives, we discuss issues unique to the LGBTQ+ community. We also aim to be loyal allies to other marginalized groups and social justice organizations around campus.
  • International Club
    International Club promotes diversity and global understanding through activities that integrate International Students into the academic and social life of CF and the broader Ocala community. These activities include cultural and educational programs involving CF International and domestic students, faculty, staff and community members. This club is open to all students  international as well as domestic.
  • Salsa Mix
    Salsa Mix club promotes the interest of ethnic Latin music at CF, individually and as a group. The club provides a better understanding between American and foreign cultures through social interaction and dance presentations.

Faith & Spiritual Clubs

  • Bhakti Yoga Club
    The Bhakti Yoga Club includes mantra meditation, regarding from the ancient spiritual texts as Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagvatam, traditional Vedic music and vegetarian cooking. These practices allow students to get in touch with their spiritual side, expand their knowledge of the ancient process of yoga, and reconnect through the process of self-realization known as Krishna Consciousness.
  • Navigators
    Navigators offers an atmosphere that is conducive to students of any religion, or no religion, to come in and learn about the life of Jesus Christ. We meet weekly during activity hour to fellowship with one another and have a Bible study. The mission in our meetings is to foster an attitude of love toward each other, build on our relationship with God, and prepare students to impact the lives of those around them.
  • Realizing Our Cause
    ROC is a Bible-based club set out to discover our purpose. As humans, we go through life not knowing exactly what our purpose is, and we find ourselves just mundanely living our lives. At club ROC, we search the scriptures to discover why we are here and what we are supposed to do. Our goal is to inspire and to inform through Scripture and to provide a great avenue of fellowship for CF students.

Social & Political Issues

  • Student Anti-Violence Advocates
    SAVA provides an opportunity for CF students to raise awareness of all forms of violence and provide resources to those who are currently in a domestically violent environment through social, educational, leadership and professional development activities.

Sports Clubs

  • CF Equestrian Club
    CF’s Equestrian Club expands experiential learning by hosting guest speakers, organizing field trips, and providing networking opportunities for both equine and non-equine majors.
  • Spirit SquadPatriots Spirit Squad supports our athletic teams and clubs by cheering at games, showing patriot spirit, volunteering and showing leadership on campus. We have weekly meetings and provide leadership training and support to our members.
  • Intramural Sports
    Although not a club, CF also offers Intramural Sports!
  • Wellness
    Although not a club, CF also offers free wellness classes and has facilities for exercise and strength training.

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