Vocational Program Attendance

Veteran students in vocational programs will be monitored on a weekly basis for attendance. The VA will be notified of unsatisfactory attendance at the point during a semester that a vocational veteran student accumulates three unexcused absences. The veteran student may not be re-certified for veteran benefits for a subsequent semester until 30 days of satisfactory attendance (no more than two unexcused absences in the 30-day period) have elapsed. Any non-college degree veteran student who is terminated from receiving VA educational benefits will be notified in writing by CF.

All VA students are required to present their registration forms (class schedules) to the Veterans Center before they can be certified to the VA regional office for educational benefits. These schedules must be signed by a counselor or advisor. It is necessary to schedule an appointment with the Student Advising Department in advance, for this process to be completed.

CF Veterans Services

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